Opera House

Lavitt's Quay

The Opera House replaces the building on this site that burned down in December 1955. The former Opera House was originally built as the Athenaeum from 1852-56 and its' purpose was to house exhibitions and industrial displays. When the Theatre Royal (now G.P.O.) closed down in 1886 the Athenaeum was adapted and became the Opera House.

Older Corkonians have such fond and warm memories of the old Opera House that it was bound to be difficult for the new structure to find a place in their hearts. But the architect Micheal Scott seems scarcely to have tried at all. Financial constraints and the fashion of the time resulted in a bleak and cold structure of which the largest facade is a grey and dirty wall, featureless but for a fire exit. The recently cut stage door and the large letters, reading TOYOTA, emblazoned along the top add insult to injury by detracting from the structure's one virtue - it's simplicity.

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