Crawford Gallery

The Crawford Art Gallery is well worth a visit. The building itself was originally a custom house built in 1724. It was extensively remodeled by Arthur Hill who gave the structure its distinctive present day appearance. The candle snuffer style tower is especially charming. For some time this building housed the School of Art, but the school has long since moved. The exterior, though charming, should not be dwelt upon too long, as the inside contains a treasure throve of 18th, 19th and 20th century art.

There is a permanent exhibition on the coloured glass work of Harry Clarke. The main exhibition halls are usually devoted to exhibitions by modern day Irish artists and change regularly.

An extension to the gallery began in Janurary 1999, which will leave the current building's facade untouched and add a new facade on Half Moon Street. In addition, the paving of Emmett Place will hopefully make it a social place.

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