Christ Church

South Main Street

Christ Church, also known as Holy Trinity Church, was built between 1720 and 1726, but does not appear now as it did then. The West front was redesigned in 1825 by George Richard Pain, who also remodelled the interior, and the 41 metre spire has been taken down. It is well worth taking a walk down Christ Church Lane to examine the side windows and D-shaped apse at the rear.

Edmund Spenser is believed to have married Elisabeth Boyle in the Church that stood on this site in 1594. Elisabeth was wooed with Spenser's Amoretti Sonnets and he commemorated their marriage with Epithalamion. The older church was paid an unwelcome visit by Oliver Cromwell in 1649 but it was the damage caused by the siege of 1690 that required it to be demolished.

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