Books about Tiles


Portuguese Decorative Tiles

Designing Interiors with Tile
by Anna Kasabian et al. by Rioletta Sabo et al. Quarry Books, 2006 ISBN: 978-1592532353
by Han Van Lemmen. Overlook Prss 1997 ISBN: 0879517913


Portuguese Tiles from the National Museum of Azulejo, Lisbon

Mexican Tiles: Color, Style, Design
by Joao Castel-Brance Pereira. Zwemmer 1996 ISBN 0302006613

This is the best book on Azulejos that I have found and because it's in paperback it's not too expenisve.
by Masako Takahashi et al. Chronicle Books, 2000 ISBN: 978-0811826297

The Tile Book:

American Art Tile: 1876 - 1941
The Tile Book: Decorating and Using Tiles - Simple Ideas to Transform Your Home by Marion Elliot et al. Southwater Pub 200 ISBN: 1842152599
by Norman Karlson Rizzoli ISBN: 084782098X

Tiles: Choosing, Designing, and Living with Ceramic Tile

Tile Idea Book
bu Ivilia Bell Buehl. Clarkson Potter 1996 ISBN: 0517799766
by Andrew Wormer. Taunton, 2005 ISBN: 978-1561587094

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